India World Cultural Forum

Cultural programs & Services

Specific cultural programs and services that IWCF currently offers include:

Cultural Programs

Welcome! IWCF , through its Cultural Programs Division supports a variety of cultural programs that further our nation's foreign policy, foster India 's artistic excellence and promote mutual understanding and respect for other cultures and traditions. Our hope is to encourage cross-cultural understanding and collaboration by sharing the rich artistic traditions of the India with foreign audiences.

The ability of cultural programs to promote mutual understanding and create a platform for ongoing international relations makes them a critical component of our public diplomacy efforts.

The Division's current activities encompass programs in the performing arts and cultural studies. Individual programs in each of these disciplines may range from public exhibitions and public performances to educational outreach activities such as dance recitals, screenings, master classes, production workshops and any of the broad range of cultural activities that support the culture around the world.

The program provides a wonderful opportunity for people to learn several interesting things about world culture, lifestyle and language and also forms a good interaction with the people here. The participants in these programs are professional artists, musicians, educators and other arts specialists.

Reciprocity is a key component of these programs, with Indian and overseas participants enriching one another's work through exposure to other cultures, ideas and ways of thinking. The cultural division also generates new programs and initiatives that build on important opportunities and public/private partnership opportunities.

The program offers an excellent choice to lead life according to local traditions and culture in every possible way. This is also a suitable option for those who want to form friends from different cultures.

Educational Services such as:

Cultural Performances. Cultural programs and festivals are held from time to time to showcase world cultures and give an opportunity of performance to its empanelled artists.

Cultural Forums . IWCF Forums are designed to increase awareness of multicultural issues and expose participants to diverse cultures and cultural perspectives in addition to providing cultural knowledge to enhance workplace performance and generate positive, informed communication between employees, clients and customers. The Forums also act as a means to connect cultural leaders and community resources to corporations and organizations. These events are open to members and non-members as well as students.

Workshops and Seminars.
IWCF workshops and seminars are designed to develop cultural competencies to foster a productive work environment and to provide tools and information to participants that they can apply in their organizational and personal lives. The workshops connect people from corporations, organizations and institutions for the purpose of sharing ideas and information about diversity-related issues and educate individuals about topics related to their workplace and work function. Workshops are also open to members, non-members and students.

Resources, Networking and Referral Services
such as:
Organizational assistance. IWCF helps to facilitate successful implementation of diversity initiatives or programs. This assistance includes supplying information on ethnic and cultural groups and events, providing referrals or connections to many resources, as well as organizing artists and speakers.

Connections. IWCF is connected to ethnic organizations throughout the community. IWCF is also connected to individuals, companies and organizations who can provide valuable information for benchmarking purposes.

Consultation Services such as:
Consultation Assistance. IWCF works with companies and organizations at all stages of the diversity process. From assessment and the beginning stages, all the way through measurement and managing a diverse workforce, IWCF works to assist organizations of all sizes that wish to develop and implement diversity strategies.