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An Ensemble of Kerala Traditional Musical Instruments

An Renowned Instrumental Musical Player from Mumbai Shri Lalitha Kalalayam Nambisan will be presenting first time An Ensemble of Kerala Traditional Musical Instruments KELI VADYA VRUNDAM leaded by Thrissur All India Radio B-Grade Artist and Mumbai Cine Association A-Grade Artist - Shri Nambisan on Chenda, and other well known accompanying artists in Edakka, Maddalam, Thimala, Shankhu, Chengala, Kombu, Kuzhal, Base Chenda & Ilathalam. This Musical programme will be presented by Ranjini Rasik Sabha, Nelluvai and organized by Shri Professor Punnakkal Narayanan, Managing Editor of Sauhrudam Magazine on 01.05.2011 at Sauhrudam Hall at 6.30 pm. At Wadakkanchery, Yhrissur District.


Shri Nambisan is expertised in playing easily more than a dozen of Percussion Instruments and presented several solo performances in India as well as Abroad like, London, Korea, Singapore, Malayesia, Hong Kong, Russia, Sophia, Bhuddapest, Chekkoslovakia, China, Poland, Paris, Muscat, Mosco, Srilanka and for the presentation he has received many Merits & Awards Master ofr Rhythm, Thala Vadya Shilpi, An Unusual Artist Rashtra Gaurav Puraskar Award 2002 (Pune) The Best Citizen of India Award 2009 (New Delhi). Also Shri Nambisan, is one of the best student of his Chenda Guru Nellluvai Kuttan Marar, well trained in playing for Thayambaka, Melam, Keli, Kathakali and other instruments of Mridangam, Edakkam Maddalam, Ghatam, Ganjira, Thavil, Tabla, Dolak etc. Shri Nambisan is also a Dance Teacher who had choreographed and presented more than 12 Historical & Devotional Dance Ballets with his own Music Direction.


Shri Nambisan has created 3 Dance & Musical Jugalbandhi's (Musical Ensembles) like SAPTA RAGA TALA VADYA TARANGAM (He is on 7 different percussion instruments), SOUPARNIKAMRUTAM (He is on 7 percussions 3 dance forms 5 accompanying artists in string & wind instruments). The above Jugalbandhi's are telecasted several times in Asia-net & Amruta TV Channels. He has also received Production Grant from The Ministry of Human Resources, Department of Culture, New Delhi .


Shri Nambisan has blessed by the Goddess Saraswathy and he had opportunity to accompany with famous rhythm legends of Tabla Usthad Zakhir Hussain, Ghatam Vidwan Shri Vinayak Ram, Shri Shiv Mani, Tabla Vidwan shri Vasi Ahmed Khan. Shri Nambisan has born and bought from a Traditional Art Family of Late Poet-Writer Nelluvai Shiromani K.N.Nambisan and his brother legend of Kathakali Muisic-Kalamandalam Neelakantan Nambisan, Nelluvai Village , Thrissur District and expertised in various percussion instruments from famous Gurus. Since last 42 years Shri Nambisan is promoting Kerala Arts & Temple Arts in Mumbai and why can'nt he except any recognition from Kerala???