Experience the Passion & privilege of

We are privileged to welcome you as our newest member of the club created especially for you as we are proud to present the ' Gold Card ' to befit your precious association with us. Mingle with literary icons, musical & dance artists and cultural legends.

Let the touch of gold be with you as we cherish your valued patronage. The IWCF Membership card allows you access to a host of exclusive benefits and privileges.

Any major person an individual who bears deep interest and respect for Indian & world culture and who agrees to abide by and strive for attainment of the aims and objectives of the organization, may be admitted to the membership. Use of the membership card constitutes acceptance of the conditions listed herein. All benefits described are Applicable to the all.

10% off till 31st july, 2011

IWCF Club Membership Benefits :

Membership pays for itself
Enjoy special classical, contemporary, folk, fusion, bollywood music & dance nights with exclusive dinner.
Participate in social & cultural educational conferences, seminars & workshops
Exclusive programmes for members only
Free participation at all IWCF events
Enjoy music, dance and entertainment during gatherings
V.I.P. sitting arrangement
Connect with the Indian culture and heritage
Find occasions to meet people and socialize
Avail volunteering opportunities
Advance information of all IWCF activities
Provide cultural exposure and learning experience for children
Children may have the possibility to earn credits at schools for participation in events
Stay connected and informed on matters that are of interest to you
Members get opportunities to interact with others members of IWCF and share ideas, find partners with common interest
Register your talents and build contacts

Types of Annual Membership

Bronze ( Student ) - Rs. 3000/- ( Indian ) & 75 US $ ( Overseas )
Silver ( Individual ) - Rs.4000/- ( Indian ) & 100 US & ( Overseas )
Gold ( Couple ) - Rs. 7500/- ( Indian ) & 175 US & ( Overseas )
( Couple with 2 kids ) - Rs. 10,000/- ( Indian ) & 225 US & ( Overseas )
Diamond ( VIP Member )* - Rs. 15,000/- ( Indian ) & 350 US $ ( Overseas )
Platinum (Corporate )**

0 -100 Staff - Rs. 2.5 lacs
100 - 200 - Rs. 4.0 lacs
200 - 300 - Rs. 6.0 lacs
300 - 500 - Rs. 9.0 lacs
500 & above - Rs. 15.0 lacs

* Above all &

- Name recognition for contribution in all IWCF printed material
- Invitations to special IWCF receptions.
- Advertisement in event brochure.
· Couple with 2 kids

** Above all benefits &

- Name recognition for contribution in all IWCF printed material
- Invitations to special IWCF receptions.
- Advertisement in event brochure.
- Above 500 members food at nominal charge


The membership card is an individual, non-transferable, non cancelable card that has the members name, number and expiration date printed on it.

The membership card is not a credit card.

The membership card cannot be construed as an identity card. Membership benefits will be extended only upon presentation of a signed valid membership card.

The membership card and all benefits will be valid for 12 months from the purchase date.

Refer a Friend rules

  • A new member is defined as anyone who was not a member in the 2011 calendar year.
  • IWCF will credit you with a Rs. 100 discount for each new member referred by you.
  • You can refer as many new members as you want. There is no limit.
Referral credit will be given to you at the earliest possible time (please speak to the IWCF committee members during any of the events).

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