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Why become a Sponsor?

Support for India - World Cultural Heritage

When you become a sponsor of IWCF programmes your organization makes an important statement about World's unique culture and identity. Your organization is also making a contribution to the promotion and preservation of multi culture. IWCF is not only a unique property to be associated with; customized partnering arrangements will deliver benefits that will help your organization reach its strategic objectives. Our seasoned team of marketing specialists have built their reputation on maximizing your return on investment.

IWCF relies for its funding entirely on the private sector . By becoming a sponsor you are supporting the continuation of IWCF efforts of raising awareness of World culture through performing arts. It is only through the committed support of our corporate and individual members and cultural patrons, as well as sponsorship, that we can continue our vision to achieve harmony and understanding between people of different cultures through performing arts (music, theater, dance and others

Support for Music, Theater and Dance

IWCF presents visual and live arts with insight and passion, bringing the building and spaces alive with surprising and original events. It's a place where you may relax and explore, where innovation is celebrated, and where artistic performances can ignite the imagination.

IWCF commissions art, cultural and commercial events from around the world.

We collaborate with world class institutions, producing fresh and intelligent work to an exceptionally high creative and technical standard.

From sufi concerts, to classical dance performances, the cultural festival culminates in what is arguably IWCF premier cultural event.

We can offer tailored opportunities to businesses so that they can maximise the benefits of working with a pioneering and culturally diverse organisation.

Supporting IWCF offers an unrivalled opportunity to access the world demographic and for you to demonstrate a commitment to genuinely engage, understand and celebrate the diversity of the communities in which we live and do business.

By sponsoring one of our projects or joining as a Corporate Partner , IWCF can enable you to:

Reach out to target customer groups
Link your company with creativity and cultural diversity
Increase your corporate or brand awareness
Achieve your CSR objectives
Motivate and stimulate your employees
Entertain your clients and staff at unique cultural events
Enrich your client relationships

Sponsor and Advertising Opportunities

Reach up to large audience in the World

The IWCF audience ranges in age from 22 - 60 with the largest group being between the ages of 55 & 75

The IWCF audience demographics are mainly middle to upper level income professionals with post secondary education and a strong cultural interest. The IWCF audiences come in groups of family and friends

The mainstream audience is comprised of dance enthusiasts, professional dancers, choreographers, and artistic management, media, teachers and students of dance

The mainstream audience demographics are young professional with post-secondary education and training in dance or theatre

Sponsorship Levels

Event Sponsor - Sponsor a day's conference event or host a reception or luncheon
Festival Sponsor - Become a Festival Sponsor and present one day's conference and evening performances  
In Kind Sponsor - Help Reduce Festival Costs by Product and Service Contributions such as Food, Accommodation, or Transportation  
Presenting Sponsor - Support the entire event/festival with major sponsorship contribution  

If you are interested in supporting the IWCF programmes through Sponsorship opportunities, please email us at