India World Cultural Forum


In its efforts to promote Multi Culture, IWCF shall create and host artist showcase opportunities, the best of dance, music, theatre, puppetry and the folk arts, conduct seminars & workshops and organize festivals & exhibitions at its member corporate premises.

Major Benefits of IWCF Corporate Membership :

As corporate member you will support the cause of promoting Indian culture & heritage.
IWCF may conduct cultural performances, meditation & stress release musical workshops, Lec-dems, seminars, exhibitions of heritage objects at your premises to benefits the employees of your company/organization.
Through IWCF monthly programmes and other events, IWCF corporate members have the opportunity to network and build a community and learn different cultures.
As IWCF invite the cultural troupes of other countries to India for performances there will be an opportunity to learn other countries culture by the employees of your company/organization.
Your corporate representative can build new connections at several IWCF networking receptions and dinners.
Collaboration/Networking opportunities with artists, musicians and other social organizations.
Invitation to you to attend IWCF Cultural Performances/Workshops/Seminars/Meetings/Conferences/Lecture Demonstrations/Seminars held at other venues in the NCR region.
Opportunity for you to participate in cultural exchange programme with other countries/members.
Listing of your corporate membership at IWCF website.
National and worldwide MAXIMUM EXPOSURE.
Certificate of corporate membership with IWCF.  

Types of IWCF Corporate Membership :


(Organizations with 1000 + employees in multiple locations)
Cost Rs. 100,,000/- (Annual)


(Organizations with 1000 + employees in multiple locations)
Cost Rs. 75,000/- (Annual)


(Organizations with up to 1000 employees)
Cost Rs. 50,000/- (Annual)


(Organizations with up to 500 employees)
Cost Rs. 25,000/-

Support Materials :

Applicants must submit support materials to provide the forum adequate information to judge the application . Because the quality and appropriateness of the support materials are contributing factors in the review process, it is important to submit only the highest quality support materials that best represent the applicant. Please consider the relevance of each piece of support material. Please note that support materials will not be returned to applicants. You must submit one copy of all support materials.

The following support materials are required with your application :

Memorandum and Articles of Association
Constitution or Partnership Deed
Latest Annual report
List of Directors, Partners with full address & details
Brochure/Literature about the company/organization
CDs, DVDs, Documentaries of the company/organization

After submitting the form online one has to complete the membership process by submiting all material and the membership fees with in 7 days otherwise the request will be cancelled and it can only be reapply only after 2 years.

All support material should be marked : "IWCF Corportae Membership" and
Label with name of applicant. All support materials and registration fees should be send to the following IWCF Programming Office :

India World Cultural Forum
6/16, 2nd Floor
Subhash Nagar
New Delhi - 110027
Mob : 91-9891370400
Email :

The Membership Fees can also deposited by cash/ transfer online in the following bank account :

Account Name : India World Cultural Forum
Bank Name : State Bank of India
Branch : Subhash Nagar, New Delhi - 110027
Account Type : Current
Account No : 30418827003
IFS Code : SBIN0003437

Corportates/Organizations based outside India can can send us the Membership Fees through Western Union or Money Gram and email us the Reference No.

No form will be accepted without the registration fees.


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