India World Cultural Forum







About Us

India World Cultural Forum ( IWCF ) prides itself as an organization established in New Delhi , India to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the rich and diverse cultures of the countries by connecting people, ideas and resources.


The main aim of IWCF is friendship through world culture. Make friends from many countries and discover new cultures, understanding families through culture, strengthening connections, knowing and understanding each other better, mutual respect, celebrating one's history, exercising citizenship together. Its vision to achieve harmony and understanding between people of different cultures through music, theater, dance, folk, crafts, literature, poetry, cinema, visual arts, meditation & cuisine's.

India World Cultural Forum members include reputed Dance, Music & Theatre Companies, Foundations, Trusts, Organizations, Institutions, Eminent Artists, Speakers, Festival Organizers, Culture enthusiasts, Individuals, Practitioner , Educator's, Artists' managers from all over the globe.