Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Participants are requested to read the following terms & conditions carefully before applying :

1. The participamts should send their profile, pics and audio/video CD by email or by post latest by 15th December 2013.

2. Preference will be given to IWCF member artists.

3. No phone calls will be entertained regarding status on the selection, if you are selected we will surely contact you back.

4. Selection committee holds complete right to the judgments and is at full discretion to choose entries based upon criteria constituted by them, its decision is final and binding and cannot be challenged.

5. It is a solo classical event where artist perform on recorded or live music. The programme features 3 art forms. Artist from 3 different states will be included in the programme. The programme duration for each art from is 30 minutes.

6. Upon final confirmation by selected artists they will not be allowed to withdraw/cancel their requests later as IWCF have occurred huge expenses in organizing the event.

7. Any artists who cancel their participation without the consent of the organizers will be liable for cancellation of their membership with IWCF and will not be able to participate in any future event of IWCF.

8. A fixed remuneration of Rs. 2000/- (inclusive of all) will be paid to the selected artists.

9. Artist line-up may be subject to change.

10. A sound, film recording and photography will be made of the event. A copy of which can be given to the participating artist on request. However the artists may not make any claims against the organizers.

11. The video/pictures send by the artists or made during the event can be used by the organizers for advertising/promotion of the event for present or future use. No requests whatsoever will be accepted not to show their performance video on social media or for the event promotion.

12. IWCF will try to generate maximum media coverage.

13. IWCF will not be responsible for any copyright acts performed by the artists.

14. On the grounds of IWCF it is forbidden to carry out any commercial or advertising activities without the written permission of the organizers.

15. Organizers reserve the right to change, modify, cancel or close the event at any given time,

16. The performance date and venue can be changed as per the requirements.

17. All decisions taken by IWCF will be final and binding in all respects.

18. Incomplete or illegible applications will not be accepted or processed.

19. Application deadline 15th December 2013.